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What! Constantine is nothing short of amazing! I liked that it was truer to the comic but I ABSOLUTELY loved the feel of the movie. Keep the t.v. John but make it a little darker and show Constantines struggle about knowing where his soul is headed. He should crack jokes but more from the irony of his situations not just to be funny. I understand about not being able to promote cigs but the viewer needs to know he is dying of lung cancer in his final life, which is THE WHOLE REASON for him doing this demon killing thing. Bring it up at least every other episode or every 2 episodes for the new viewers. Also dont try to copy the movie, instead, use it as a guide and make it BETTER than the movie. Ill add, we would like to see him travel to hell and have more interaction with Angels and demons, not just ghosts and monsters. Constantine is a GREAT story if its done right! This is what the viewers want. Good luck. Constantine rocks!

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