Posted by it was a good way to ensure you got a game you were hyped for the day of, and avoid it selling out. However, in the days of mass digital distribution it's difficult to conceive why pre-orders would still be necessary. Games never sell out on release anymore, so there's no reason to secure a copy. Pre-ordering no longer serves the gamer, it only stands to serve corporate interest by cashing in early. And, as we've seen with many recent triple-A titles (e.g. Assassin's Creed Unity), they encourage the publisher to skimp out on quality, because most of the money that the game will pull in has already been made. Why bother continuing to polish it in to something great when they can just publish it as-is and save big bucks on production? TL;DR Pre-orders were a good idea, but are now obsolete with technological advances and encourage laziness in development. P.S. I'm a tad hypocritical, as I pre-ordered The Phantom Pain the very first day it was possible.

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