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...S DUMB AND SILLy..just like shane said Shawn. want to reconsider your comment man? cuz it looks like from what we just made that up. Ps...i see your much older than should realize...DC made a whole economic ladder with movies and characters and comments in the early FREAKING century while marvel was still pooping in its pants. IF you pay attention...a lot of marvels characters have spins on DCs characters and which company came first? by a landslide...? ya...might want to rethink that one you remember the first batmans? etc etc. they started it first man...marvel just got bought out by DISNEY and they realized it wa sa cash machine and THATS why they took over the movie universe...but BECAUSE DC IS MORE for adults..(well the movies) they will do better than marvels silly ridiclous joking heroes any day you guys.

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