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...vies being rebooted, reimaged, or remade, BUT, there is one thing that needs to be taken into account.....the scary movies we watched when we were kids just aren't scary enough for the kids today. They have been ruined by movies that focus too much on blood, gore, and dismemberment. With all of the violence in today's society, kids today are getting harder to scare and are not getting the idea of looking back to the movies that inspired what they see today! Ask any director, writer, producer, special FX engineer, make-up artist, costume designer, and author and they will tell you several different names of people in the Hollywood and literary industries that INSPIRED them to become what they are and INSPIRED them to push the limits and invent new and better ways to entertain people! Granted, there are some movies that they have tried to remake or reboot and have failed miserably at it BUT by doing that, it made us appreciate the original even more!

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