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The Twilight books already touched base about how Alice became a vampire as well as Rosalee, Edward, and Jasper, but not much was said about how Carlisle and Emmett became vampires or details on how Alice and Jasper met as well as details on how Rosalee and Emmett got together. It would be nice if Stephanie Meyers would write a small collection series of books that focuses on each of the vampires in the Cullen coven as well as more details on the backstory of the Volturi's leaders Aro, Caius, and Marcus, and the twins, Jane and Alec. Plus there's all the vampires that became witnesses for the Cullens in the final book. All of this potential material should not be wasted! There were so many backstory details left out in the movies that there should be a movie that centers around all those backstories.... one long movie, not many short films made by budding movie-makers!

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