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You list the fact that Miles is the main Spider-Man when he's not. He's the adjectiveless normal Spider-Man and that's what he'll always be. Peter's still The Amazing Spider-Man. And you bring up a rumor that Jeff Sneider later said he got wrong himself? Where were you when Kevin Fiege explained that they were ALWAYS going with Peter Parker? As Kevin himself stated we've NEVER seen Peter in the MCU (MCU is the universe not the production company) and that email? That was sent to Sony BY Marvel Entertainment during Sony's run on the Amazing Spider-Man. And why exactly would Sony be afraid of making Miles a big name? Are you deluded or something? Miles being big would work in their favor for more Spider-Men on the big screen alongside Peter. Your article forgets to state that everyone and their mother knows Peter, he's never been seen in the MCU (as stated) and the fact that Peter will ALWAYS be the face of Marvel.

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