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...r sure. I hope that we will see much more of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man. As for Young Avengers, probably that's something a TV Show like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could set up the team because I think the team is worth being part of the MCU but it's not ''big/important'' enough for me to have their solo movie. At the Marvel announcement in October, president Kevin Feige said that the Inhumans could have series of franchises. This means maybe the big movie that will end the next one or two phases (phase 4 & 5) could be an Inhuman movie. I hope that in a near future Marvel Studios get the rights back for Fantastic Four and that they bring them in that could be a huge kick for the MCU. Some of you guys can agree or disagree about what I just said, fine, but that's my opinion. :)

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