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isnt howard the duck, that would mean Meridith Quill took part in Beastiality. Itss not the collector either. His roll in the movies def. isntt angelic enough, plus he seems very strange and is probably gay. Captain America took place in the 40's, when he was created after the serum injection, thats not ancient, so it cant be him. Implying that it's Loki would mean that he would have a good side which is hard ro believe, plus loki is not full asgaurdian, hes of the frost giants, i dont think they would connect peter quil to the frost giants given their past. Its def. not Odin, as Odin is way to old and to imply that he is Peter Quills father would mean that him and meridith met at a young age, but he is obviously much older than her and i highly doubt she had a relationship with a senior citizen since asgaurdians age over a very long amount of time. Thats's the conclusion ive come too so far.

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