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...eserve what you haters are giving her if you have a problem with it then don't watch the show because she is going to stay and just because she is in the way of Klaus getting together with Caroline is stupid to be giving her hatered and calling her names. You people need to understand that what you want to happen is not going to Leah plays the roll of cami and will for a long time so you guys need to stop hating or get over it because Leah will play cami and cami will be in the show for a every long time they wrote the script that way for a reason and she does do things yes she may not be a vampire or werewolves or witch but she has her part in the show and you people need to understand that so just stop hating and picking on her because it's not cool or funny no matter what you think. By the way this is Whitney Hawk and if you have a problem. With what I wrote take it up on my Twitter or Facebook I can be found and I'll stand up for Leah/cami

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