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1. Lucy need to say more.

2. Xena was an amazing fantasy show. It broke so many rules!

3. Renee O'Connor...Gabrielle has to be at this point more bad assed than Xena. She's been doing it for just as long basically.

4. Xena had a friggin Chakram!

5. What happens if Xena comes back and the curse get reinstated on all those souls she saved when she stayed dead?

6. If they bring back Hercules, maybe they'll bring back Iolis or Callisto.

7. The fight scenes alone, with today's technology....omfg!

8. I'd like to see what became of Xena's daughter, Eve.

9. Lucy Lawless again.....she hasn't aged! She was Amazing on BSG, SPARTACUS, SALEM and everything she's done!

10. All the new stories that could be told. They loved mixing current issues with old history and made it their own.

11...fingers crossed for any mention of Hudson returning!

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