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Let me start by saying both series are exactly what JRPGs as a genre need right now. The win goes to FF7 for me not because I'm more excited for it, but because it's poised to start a PS2-esque revolution in a genre that's slowly going stale. This would be an ideal environment for Persona 5. If the quality releases keep rolling from there, we could see an incredible JRPG resurgence and let's be honest here, between Skyrim, Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3, western RPGs have the market by the balls right now. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD was released to nary a whisper of hype despite the huge fanbase of excited PSP fans and Final Fantasy fans. Why? Because it was overshadowed. Final Fantasy 7 is so famous and the remake is so hyped, there is no chance of that happening again. Persona 5, unassisted, would simply slide right under the radar, into the hands of diehards and into the shadows, just like Disgaea 4 and 5 did.

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