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The X-Files was The Twilight Zone for a new generation. Chris Carter became the new Rod Serling. (Folks, there were a lot of merely mediocre Twilight Zones nearly balancing out the outstanding ones so don't let nostalgia cloud your thinking here.) It dealt with some pretty weird outlandish things & never took itself too seriously although there were some very creepy, suspenseful & scary episodes. The chemistry between Duchovny & Anderson was intense & essential. As much as I enjoyed The Smoking Man, Krycek, Skinner, the Lone Gunmen as supporting characters the Mulder/Scully dynamic really kept the engine running on this show. When Duchovny basically left the show you knew that the end was near & it was... AND it left me wanting more.

It's great to see Carter, Duchovny & Anderson together again. I have high hopes for this show. (Look how well "24" turned out last summer after its long hiatus.)

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