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I love everything about the twilight series i love both breaking dawns and as you know everyone else in this world loves them to. Get new actors if needed make it seem like edward and bella broke up or something if you need to. I say this because ive herd that edward doesnt want to play edwards roll no more, that he thinks hes to old. Well thats fine he's not the movie keep it going I'd pay anything to see the a breaking dawn part 3 and more!!! I love this whole series and would be very sad if you stopped at breaking dawn part 2. And if you dont make one believe me someone out there in the world will try there hardest weather it takes months or years to do so, because the twilight series has way to many fans. And With that being said make your money you'll make alot of it everyone love the twilight serious from the movies to the books. Please dont give up on it already.


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