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... character that we fell in love with since the very beginning. Heck, you could pretty much safely say there would be no TWD without him, since he saved Rick's life at the start of it all. Even though we've caught brief glimpses of him each season, and I know we all went nuts every time, we still have a lot of gaps to be filled in. So a Morgan flashback is almost a shoe in. So I'll throw my vote in for more webisodes on how some of our favorite zombies got made. I thought the three they did we're pretty good, especially biker girl. There's a bunch of zombies I'd like to see "flashbacks" on, separately of course, my TWD time is strictly for Daryll (MARRY ME NORMAN!!!), and the rest of group of course, but there are 6 excrutiating long eons of waiting till the next episode, and it would be nice to have a few more dead things with which to pass the time with in between is all I'm saying.

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