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My take on "Batman vs Superman: dawn of justice", Lex Luthor in particular. I believe Jesse Eisenberg will make an epic Lex Luthor. Yes he has long hair and acts like an evil "Jimmy Neutron: boy genius", so what? I've been hearing a lot of comments saying he'll be the worst Lex Luthor as he's supposed to be bald, cold and menacing. BTW isn't that what they said about Heath Ledger's version of the Joker. Now look Heath has raised the bar of iconic villains "The Joker", good luck surpassing that bar. I don't want to judge as its too soon but I believe this may be the best Lex Luthor ever as I'm just so tired of the old Lex. BTW this doesn't cater to comic book geeks who go by the comic book law. This caters to movie goers who want to be entertained and simply want to see something new. We simply cannot accept things that are unfamiliar to us thats why boredom prevails. LOL

BTW Ben Affleck will make a great Batman!

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