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rious reasons below ;-) Funny, at first I was so not interested in Suicide Squad. Then I stumbled upon Moviepilot and saw the trailer for the first time. And the second time. And the third, fourth and x-th time just to make sure my senses weren't fooled. This trailer looks epic as (insert favorite f bomb here) and since then I am hooked on more news about the movie. So, now to the Joker. Jared is the kind of psychopath I think the Joker would be. He simply looks messed up and fits the overall impression of this trailer perfectly. I am not comparing him to any other Joker, since they are all good for the movies they are in. Heath was brilliant in a deepish, gritty Batman movie, and he gave fans a lot to ponder about. From the looks, Suicide Squad seems to show how the world would continue to degrade after the last Batman movies - a dirty, dangerous, violent world full of nasty creeps. And THIS is the Joker that belongs to this world.

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