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i would like to see portal 3 & about you saying the only way you'd play it was if it had a new setting & features, that can be easily accomplished. First of all at the end of portal 2 Chel makes it to the outside world after escaping Aperture science labs, so theirs your setting the real world. And about the new features for starters, guns real ones... or a melee weapon of some kind, but thats not to say you wouldn't still have the portal gun, but with limited power since theird be no technology for miles probably. & instead of turrets or GlaDos youd fight bandits & try to survive in the world since the events on portal 2 wich could have been lets say 20 years or more. but youd have a couple of advantages, the portal gun & fall boots. & then maybe Chel could have a baby with a friendly survivor who inheretes the portal gun & fall boots etc. which could span ahole nother game series of portal games.

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