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...e Claire, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine & Leon Kennedy. the T-virus does not mutant the DNA of the Licker in the 1st film this was the G-Virus which is not mentioned in any film. Albert Wesker is the villian and nether a good guy as referenced in the Last Film. each game has never mentioned an Alice as this was added to the film. Mr Anderson stated that he has played the earlier games, which games i do not know as it wasn't resident Evil. there is still no mention of the fact theat Umbrella is a cover name for the Tri-Cell who which created the T-Virus from a plant. so far the only thing they got right is Nemesis. i would recommend watching the CGI films as these are set between the games and are faithful to the games. ( i have a few other bits out, but this would go on for ages if i was to pick every single fault)

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