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So There Have Been Many Rumors About Twighlight Coming Back. Well That's The Real Question! Is And When Is Twighlight Coming Back? I Personally Feel Like It Should! I Wanna Know How Renessme Falls In Love With Jacob. What If Jacob Wants To Be With Renessme But Renessme Wants To Be With Sombody Else? How Would Jacob Take It? How Would Bella And Edward Be Okay With Her Being With Some Stranger That They Most Likely Don't Know! Will Renessme Run Away? Will She Run Away With Jacob, And Realize That She Is In Love With Him!? I Hope They Make A New Twighlight I Recently Read On A Website That There WILL Be Another Twighlight Movie, That Will Apparently Come Out In November 2015 But The Article I Read On That Website Said That There Will Be A Trailer In July 2015 Well July Is Almost Over! Tell Me What You Guys Think. Should There Be A New Twighlight Movie? Yes Or No, And Why!

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