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...s that was anything but redundant. Winter Solider used Back Widow and Cap in a way that explained why the Avengers were not there, and told a story that could be seen to be part of the bigger universe. What I would say is that the opening scene from Age of Ultron did it's very best to make the whole of Winter Solider redundant. It never explained why all of a sudden Cap and Black Widow were now working with the other Avengers. It also did not include Falcon who was supposed to now be Cap's "wing man". It is one of the major things which made AOU one of the weakest stories I have seen from Marvel. There was the weak attempt to explain it at the Avengers party, but that just made it worse. Cap would never have left Falcon alone in this search, it is too personal and Bucky is too dangerous for Falcon to take on.

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