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...ed "typical" proportions for the type of character displayed. For every Scarlett Johansson there should be 20 Colby Smulders or Mila Kunis or even Milla Jovovich. These active women are more likely to be on the slender side and having large breasts present problems in combat, not that that is insurmountable. G.I. Janes are more likely to have smaller breasts. Beach Bunnies are not typical but they ARE more likely to draw male (and female) attention. Putting the typical (not average) female beach-goer into the scene kinda defeats their purpose (eye candy). The male superhero has always been portrayed as more Arnold Schwarzenegger than Danny Kaye and their costumes were basically bodypaint with a cod-piece. Peter Parker seemed to be the only typical nerd/geek body type turned superhero, and even HE was atypically thin (fit?) and buffed out once bitten.

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