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I know most people would not agree with this but to me I believe if he went ssj God it would add more flare in the middle of the saga I can't say what's going to happen exactly but what I do believe is that if the writers keep going with the exact same thing the show could lose some views it might not but I would still watch it whenever bills stars to fight goku he needs to get a little beaten down like before than unlock his true power like against frieza when he first went ssj but goku and vegeta need to be taken to train with whis in the middle of the saga but don't add frieza back like in revival of f it's just going to be a do over just add stronger villains maybe a new God perhaps just as strong as bills or a little stronger I know dis was long but this is why I believe goku should go ssjgod whenever he fights bills most people might not agree with this but this is what I think

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