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Marvel doesn't understand that Ironman is there biggest success and hero. Just like in DC, there biggest success and hero is Batman even though he has no powers like Superman and he can hear things from far away or see things things through walls but he is still a bigger success even though Batman just has his gears and fighting skills but is still better. So Ironman is way better because he gots the skills, brain of a genius and he gots his suit. Marvel wouldn't be where it Is TODAY if it wasn't for Ironman. All the kids look up to him and even grown-ups. My old man hates super hero's but when I told him take me to the cinema I wanted to see Ironman 3 he didn't want to go but after a bit begging he said ok and was f***ing astonished and since he likes no super hero except Ironman. So please MVP if you had a chance showing this message to Marvel please do it because Marvel your making the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIVES!!!!!!

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