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I never played with my barbies when I was a little girl. Even now I wouldn't. When the time comes for me to have kids, I refuse to let them play with barbies and if someone buys them one they'll never see it. It's awful that young girls have to be exposed to the dysfunctional society we have. The society that tells us if we put on makeup we're ugly and if we don't then we are even worse. That if we are skinny we are sick if we are fat we don't care. That if we have sex you're a slut if you don't you're a prude. It's disgusting. I don't want my children or any one else's child to ever feel caught in that conflict of who to be. It all started with that hideous Barbie doll. If the average personal Barbie came to be and could kick the original Barbie out of the market, I would probably cry in happiness. Not just for myself but for the future generations. It's realistic and still beautiful. Because reality, although at times bad, is beautiful.

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