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I've watched the movie on my Kindle Fire at least 50 times! I confess I read all the books (even Grey) and they suck. The movie brings the characters to life and we are spared all that inner goddess crap. Dakota and Jamie are perfect in theIr roles. I think more sex is called for and hopefully the new director will get along well enough with the author to make this sequel even better. Sex showing the very romantic aspect of these two characters world be great. Oh yes, the obsession with Jamie Dornan. .... I've watched The Fall at least a dozen times just to see him. I love his Irish accent and photos of him with his wife and baby Dulcie. In addition to being genetically perfect, he's a good actor. Hopefully fame will not ruin him. I've admired him since he was a Calvin Klein underwear model and dated Keira Knightley. We need more Jamie now!

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