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Don't get me wrong Ellen page is an amazing actor I loved her in juno and as her amazing role in beyond two souls but I think Chloe graze mortez needs to play Ellie in The last of us, heres why. As we all know ellie is a 14 year old who well is a bad ass. Chloe is only 2 years older than ellie is and frankly she looks alot like her and also plays a bad ass in kick ass 1&2 and also in Carrie so she would have no problem playing one in last of us. When Ellen paige doesn't look alot like her and is much older, and if I may say chloe did amazing in Carrie and did amazing in if I stay with all the emotion, so when the cast of the last of us pops up I hope to see Chloe Grace mortez as Ellie.

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