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Well, let's start with controls. It's cool that you can change which stick controls movement/look, but I'd rather have whatever button I want, do whatever I want. FOV? Console lock is almost guaranteed. Quality settings? I want all of them, all of the time. Mods? Sure the consoles are getting them, but will they run them well? Will they turn my Xstation into a pile of irradiated goo and give my neighbors China Syndrome? I can tout pc master race hate speech all day, but in the end, I know my computer will run FO4, and I know it will run it well. Will there be bugs? Probably. Will I enjoy them? Some of them. What about me having to upgrade in x months which outweighs the cost of the entire console? Probably not. Will I have to go rent the game like some plebeian troglodyte to justify purchasing it? Nope.

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