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I would say 4 but Im holding out for F4 to join mcu after it flops. Then you can have a new Thanos level villain, first peek of the silver surfer leaving Galactus end of avengers 4(not IW part 2). He wont be fought till phase 6 when the xmen and pretty much everyone else are in the mcu(dream scenario). But yeah, back on track, It would be sick if we saw venom in spidey 2, not 1. Then in the third you do Spiderman: Maximum Carnage, comparable to Captain America Civil War. That would be amazing. By that time, you would hope the real cap america(chris evans) takes back his mantle from sebastian stan after taking a break for other opportunities. Peter would be older then and it would be a more suitable villain for an established spidey. This is still hs spidey for first movie, not origin but he's not that experienced yet.

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