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... want to bring the first antman to life...I would rather have seen marvel go with hank pym working in shield around the same time iron man and thor movies were being made and creating the pym particle....then during the first avengers movie we got to see hank meet bruce and tony showing them his creation of pym particles with his wife the wasp. And we get a couple looks at his A.I program where he begins using his mind to create artificial intellegence...."ultron program" and as a mid credit scene to would have been amazing to see hank put on the suite and call himself the "antman" with the fully built ultron in the back not yet turned on....then the thanon scene....antman movie should have happened rihtt after cap civil war with the developemtt of ultron finally being finished and him helping shield...or doing mission with the wasp or whatevrr....this sounds so much better then the movie and mcu

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