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I think the creators of the walking dead need to help with the creation of a video game instead of an outside source. I personally would like to see a game where you play as an assortment of characters. You have a choice to play as Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, or Michonne, and you play the full story line from the TV show. You have to make certain choices but as a first or third person shooter. And of course, you end up in a group with all the others. Graphics should be like the call of duty series made for PS3, PS4, and XBox. There's so much potential for a great game, but the details must be greater than the previous games. I think that, personally, would make a great game. Survival Instincts was a great idea, but the graphics were almost a PS1 style, it was too lacking and every town you stopped in looked exactly the same.

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