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...ork. That's who they are. They don't do a lot of research, Steve makes inapropriate comments and has the some of the dumbest questions to ask even when he prepares ahead of time. They aren't closed minded just out of touch while trying to stay in, and its funny. They're Jackasses. Maybe who ever set up the interview should have researched the morning show program and past S.S. Steve interviews. They would have heard a lot of the same that they experienced. I heard the interview and all I thought was "Dumbass S.S. Steve" while shaking my head with a smile bc it's funny hearing him put him foot in his mouth. If they wanted a legit interview they would have had Tim Andrews asking the questions as he is really the only one with comic book knowledge as well as current projects like this one. Not everybody gets them and its ok. No need to hate

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