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I create unique ceramic Monster Mugs. These fully functioning porcelain mugs combine my love of monsters, special effects and creature designs with my experience as a ceramic sculptor and potter. I have been teaching and creating art for over twenty five years and have been working on a line of Monster Mugs for the past three years. These mugs are first sculpted out of clay using traditional modeling techniques. I then create a plaster mold of the form. I create a separate cup form out of clay and create a mold for that too. I can then slip cast the forms and combine them on the potters wheel to create a double walled mug. I spend a lot of time detailing the creatures, adding horns, teeth, hair and a traditional pulled handle to complete the piece. Each Monster Mug is then bisque fired in my electric kiln and then glazed and fired again to 2160F. I am working hard every summer to add to my selection of monsters and sell and ship them all over the world.

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