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we all know that fnaf is nearly coming to an end, so we decided to list down our top ten most noticable characther

10# Golden Freddy

golden freddy is one of the most creepiest animatronic in fnaf 1. He appear in most every fnaf games and one of the most know characther who has lots of theory and mystery, he was the first animatronic and was name fredbear, after the child was murdered he/she was stuffed in golden freddy and one of the most unknowable animatronic ever

9# the puppet

although he is kind of creepy, he was the first child to be murdered and stuff in a puppet suit not to mention, he's the one who stuffed five missing children into the five mascot of freddy fazbear pizza. He makes every apperance in the game excluding the fourth one. If it wasn't for him, then freddy,bonnie,chica,foxy and golden freddy won't even exist

8# bonnie the bunny

bonnie is one of the most cutest animatronic in fnaf 1, eventhough he's kinda creepy the way he jumpscare you and stand infront of your door, he's still one of the most favourable characther in the fnaf francishe. He was the animatronic that gave scott nightmares and fear which is what all horror games need

7# chica the chicken

one of the most derpiest animatronic ever, she sometimes a bit of a derp and loves to hang out in the kitchen and make some noise and the way she keep her mouth open makes her more cute and she is the sweet and cuddly eventhough she is not the most favourable animatronic but she still part of fazbear and friends

6# the cupcake

now i'm not gonna the lie, carl is what the fan called him appear in every fnaf game and he's kinda of like chica backup whenever chica roam around in the room and the way the cupcake stare at you

5# freddy fazbear

freddy is kinda like the boss in the game, he takes the title as one of the most scariest animatronic in fnaf 1 and 4, and even the mini freddies are kind of terrifying and freddy is also known as the main singer who sing for children and keep the children entertain. freddy will live on in your heart forever

4# foxy the pirate

everybody favourite pirate fox, who always come for the booty when you never check him on pirate cove. He's one of the top most favourite animatronic and everybody love foxy and the way he sing his song at pirate cove, especially the fangirls

3# phone guy

phone guy, the person who always give you tips on how to defend these blood thirsty animatronic who want to stuff ou in a freddy suit. I love the way he talks eventhough some fans find him annoying, he's still everyone favourite instrutor in every game except fnaf 4. He was the guard in every restaurant and the smartest one to defend against animatronic

2# purple guy

the murderer who kill the children is one of the most evil characther even if he's evil, he is still a memorable characther. He the first guard in fredbear family diner and know how to handle the springlock suits. In fnaf 3 he takes the role as springtrap, A blood thirsty rabbit who comes for your booty in every night

1# Mike Schmidt

last but not least, The one and only mike schmidt, who is the fans favourite security guard. A lot of fanbase try to make him look more badass thanks to the rebornica arts. He very determine to keep coming back at the restaurant with five vicous animatronic who wants to kill you. A lot of people make theory that we are playing as mike as kid in fnaf 4 and he's the victim of the bite of 87 and that explain all the hallucination of golden freddy he's having. Eventhough his identity is not revealed, he's still everyone favourite security guard

So that's conclude our top 10 favourite characther and thank you scott for making fnaf game a good game and for making these characther as creepy as they can be

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