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I think decendants 2 should bring out an extra 3 villinas kids.The first child would be from The Queen of Hearts and her name should be named Quiora and shold be played by Peyton List.The second child should be the daughter of Ersula from ,The Little Mermaid and should be named,Emma, and should be played by Zendaya.Finnaly the third child shold be the son of Captain Hook from , Peter Pan and Hook's son should be named,Hector,and would be played by Blake Michle.The decendants of The Queen Of Hearts,Ersula,and Captain Hook and their parents would try to escape the Isle with Currella De Vil,Jafar,and Evil Queen.The villans will want and make plans to invade Aurodaun, and Mal, Evie,Carlos,and Jay would try to make and convince the other decendants the meaning of good while those decendants get chosen to go to school in Auradoun.Thank you for reading and I would really want to see this in decendants 2.

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