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At first I didn't know who to choose because I love them both but... Ultimately I chose Cap because there was a point (iron man 2 reference) when tony did not want to register with the government either. Now I love some of the agents of shield and I'm on their side with what they fight for but as far as how they go about it irritates me. Even coulson fought against them in the show agents of shield he did what he knew was right! We are to be free that's what this country stands for and Cap is the only one who stands ALL THE WAY for that. He does selfless acts and he wants ppl to be safe and he is an honorable man with integrity (don't get me wrong I love tony and his bad ass antics) but I must go with Captain America because he fights for ppl and rights while also being a hero as far as saving lives. Plus I mean come on its his movie lol I hope u guys read this.

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