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I'm not choosing just simply 1 of the given options. He's 3 of the options & possibly more. The 3 I say refers 2 the joker is he's immortal, the man who laughs (DUH), & a representation of chaos. I could actually add on having an abusive aunt as a kid. Why these? Think about the fact that ever since joker made his debut, comic books or not, he's been killed off & revived multiple times no matter what. That sounds pretty immortal to me. The man who laughs? Well the "joker" is a "clown" & that's kinda what they do. He laughs @ everything no matter the situation. Hell, he laughed while breaking his own neck w/ a batarang in his right eye. I shouldn't have to explain how he could be a representation of chaos. That's not even metaphorical. The joker lives off chaos & loves it. Now adding on the fact that he could've been abused as a child by his aunt. No matter the origin story, having an abused childhood is highly possible n every situation.

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