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If you like steampunk, robots, giraffes that talk and music then the band Steam powered Giraffe is the band for you!

Steam powered Giraffe is a band that say that there "robots" and have a talking giraffe as there mascot. Yes you might think that there crazy, But no! They are a really popular band that write there own songs and do covers of songs. For example they did covers of the songs Rhianna's song Diamonds and Icona pop's I love it.

If you have children who like steampunk and stuff like that and music then show them steam powered Giraffe there songs are children friendly and a lot of there songs are funny.

There are many different steam powered Giraffe members including The Spine, Hatchworth, Rabbit, and many more.

If you watch some videos you can see that in some of the older videos Rabbit is a boy but in the newer videos Rabbit is a girl that is because Rabbit had a gender change, but Rabbit will always be the same.

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