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... explore previously build sims and places, live ,hangout with friends,do debates, do work, spend time for causes, learn various skill from trainers and tutors, listen to live music and dance. It is a massive work of art...because secondlife is being build and created by peoples like me and you, who wanted to express themselves in a unique way , the way they could not do in games...or in any other virtual worlds with limited stuff, secondlife gives you a lot more, yes there is cost of owning a land and buying stuff from other creators , but guess what that is what life is like xD you buy things and pay for services in real life too, its like simulations of real if you think about sex all day those raging hormones...well then you will do sex every where in every damn game lol...that is how you want to conduct and present yourself...while rest of people do not...think about it :)

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