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I'd like to think Natasha is going to be on her side and choose what is best for her. I'm a fan of the comics, and I'd love to see her on Stark's team initially, but I wouldn't mind her becoming neutral or jumping ships to Team Rogers. Honestly, in the MCU it really doesn't make sense for her to be pro-government, but I'm going to have to wait and see what exactly Steve and Tony are fighting over, since they are deviating from the comics. I will say that I think Natasha needs to be initially or permanently on Stark's team. What made the Marvel Civil War comics so entertaining was the emotional punch of shock and sadness of seeing best friends, siblings and couples being divided in the comics. To me, nothing was as gut-wrenching as seeing Richard and Sue Reed (Storm) end up on opposite sides. In the MCU, Steve and Tony have been fighting in every fricking movie. They don't seem like friends, but like colleagues that barely tolerate one another. Natasha siding against Steve and Clint would give it the emotional punch I want. As far as the Avengers relationships go, I feel the only ones that are friends are Bruce/Tony, Natasha/Steve and Natasha/Clint. The relationship between the other Avengers is lacking, imho. Personally, I would love to see them sticking to the Earth-616 Comics. I've seen youtube clips of the Russo's talking at comic cons and I'm excited about watching the movie. Age of Ultron was a let down. I disliked how Joss used Tony Stark as a fill in for Hank Pym and Natasha Romanoff as a fill in for Betty Ross. All this did was make Tony unlikable and it gave us a poorly developed, out of no where relationship that we already saw in the 2008 MCU Incredible Hulk movie starring Ed Norton. After the disaster of the Bruce/Natasha romance, I personally don't want to see her in a relationship for a while, but I would love for the Russo's to acknowledge Natasha and Bucky's past. Cap 2 and the tv show Agent Carter eluded to it. BuckyNat is my otp and I would love to see them ignoring the Bruce/Nat relationship, but I want to see James and Natasha as friends and ideally Natasha in a Netflix series (we can get more character development this way and it is unlikely she'll ever get a solo movie) before they put her into another romance.

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