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I loved the movie desandants I really hope Disney does my idea. My idea for desandants is you stick with the same people but you don't have to if you already did. I think that Mao does somthing really evil like do somthing bad to the school or Ben or ben's parents. So she gets banned from the school and back to the isle of the lost while evie,jay and Carlos are back at auradon. Mal reallised that would she did was very wrong. She tried to apologize but. No one accepted it. And Ben did no look at her or even speak to her. And Mao can't get back to tell them she is very sorry. So she goes in crazy adventures to get back when she does Ben forgives her. Then they go on dates, parties and it would be amazing if they kissed on the lips At the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then if you want to make a 3 I have some ideas for that too. Thank you! I really hope you do my idea Disney. Thanks!

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