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although i ship both of them unlimitedly and reasons after reasons come crashing on the tip of my tongue if you ask why. but i feel either Chris is romantically awkward or he s the type of guy that focuses on work more than his personal life, making Jill seems the one in the pairing to be more in to them than Chris is, which i find really irritating (get on your fricking game already chris god look at leon and ada---its been decades). So with that being said, I feel Jill is really the one closer to getting friend-zoned here, yeah...breaking the tradition a little here.

btw the only resident evil game i played that centered around chris and jill is Resident Evil Hd Remaster (and i watched this video montage of their moments too so i do know where my ship is at) so if i missed any of their moments or if i am incorrect about something please do not hesitate to tell me

-Chris x Jill & Leon x Ada shipper

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