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Since the Hannah Montana show, everyone has been wondering what Miley Cyrus' real name was. I found out after her wrecking ball song since she did a magazine about herself. One of the paparazzi has said "Destiny, what will you're future goal be?" i thought that the paparazzi was saying something about another person, but Miley replied. "I wouldn't really care what I will be in the future, I just want to relax." There are mostly no proof, but you found yourself an answer. Her name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. She changed her name legally to Miley because of the Instagram page "Smiley", and because the staff members who are working with her are calling her that. But since she changed her name, some of her friends broke their relationships with Miley because they didn't know who she was anymore. Do you like her name, "Destiny", or do you like "Miley"?

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