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If I may ad some ideas.could it be possible to add the abilities of off road vehicles in a cargo bay that can be used abused and destroyed while flying down to a planet each planet having a few small cities like an alien GTA. For trade upgrade or just destructive content like sub mission s on a small stop. If space is not enough . imaging alian or human cars tanks or boats that can be stolen toyed with and stored within your ship along your way throughout space.or to use on another planet space station or jettisoned for room in the on bord garage of your ship. Along with upgrading your ship and guns mix up parts from other land craft for added fun . but other than that love love love the looks of everspce. I hope it comes to a game console soon I will buy it and if I had a chance would support it . I dream of this kind of stuff all day every day wish I could make it a living to add to what you are doing .keep up the good work . your fan John Thomas Nicholas.

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