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... his wife that supported him while in the military. He joined to escape home and he went to the special forces, then got out after a few years of service and he sees so much horror and starts going mad. Like the artical saids, she got in deep with sharks, got cut up and because he was going mad, that he cut his face, she left because she saw him starting to lose it and she couldn't deal with it anymore and that adds onto the turmoil of his life. He starts going even more mad from the PTSD, his wife leaving him and now going to the insane asylum that he just snaps. Hes stressed, angry and now crazy. So he escapes starts committing crimes, blowing shit up because he has no other purpose other than to do that. He wants his pain to end, but its too easy for him to kill himself and he sees Batman as a worthy advisory to be the one to kill him. And the rest you know. I think this would make a great back story and actually a pretty good movie.

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