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My first result was Freddy, because I'm the life of the party, the entertainer, I kill in the most creative and entertaining way possible. You attack when and where it is least expected, but not in broad daylight or plain sight. Use your victim's greatest fears to horrifically paralyze them into the fearful state of mind, then they will become careless and desperate, leaving themselves in the weak. Now you got the victim right where you want them. From there on out, have it your way. That's how Freddy reeled in the fish with fear as bait. Fear is something nobody wants or likes, because everybody has it one way or another, but it is the one thing that they give into. It can torture them, cause them to make the wrong moves, and if the caliber is right, depending on the person, go in for the kill. So Freddy and I think alike. How 'bout you?

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