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I believe that how to train your dragon the animated film has been one of the most extrodinary films to hit theaters and still is. Its far too soon to end the amazing adventures and story of hicupp and toothless ,his dragon. I think it should keep going. To me its far better than harry potter. To me at least. The one thing about movies is the story line doesnt have to go by the book. The dragons dont have to die. They can move from betk and find a hidden island that can conseal them for eternety forever in the end, however, i think all devoted fans will back me on this when i say :1) how to train your dragon must be prolonged at least 10movies total oor more. 2) there needs ti at some point be a dragon who can bring back stoick one time as a possible favor or something.3) the dragons will not cannot die. 4) toothless gets a girlfriend nightfury. Wish i could fly it. Dont we all fans? Thats all i got to say.

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