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I respect her for making that decision herself. We sexualize people too much and that in itself gives kids dysphoria. When a 12yo boy won't take his shirt off at the pool because he "don't have a 6-pack" and 9yo girls are crying they're not pretty because they're "too dark" we really need to stop and reevaluate things. I never looked at it from her perspective though. She was a young girl and looking back they did have her in a ton of makeup as Hannah and "plain faced" as Miley. Telling her you have to be blonde and wear makeup so people like you, otherwise you're plain and the boys won't like you and girls will pick on you. That's some deep psychological scaring that nobody realized.

Either way she's always been a hero of mine because she is not afraid to be herself and she's helping so many youth. Keep doing you Miley you happy-hippie you.

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