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I am so sad with all the transformers movie news coming out

First you kill prime you kill the franchise.

Michael bay stay away.

Reboot entire series.

Base it in the 80s with a story line simular to the first 3 eps of g1.

No more stupid shit like the all spark or seed or some dumb shit

Its about an alien race with a dying planet

They find our planet accidently and discover just what energy our planet has

Not that fucken hard

Also in bays transformers they were too big transformers shouldnt be that tall .

Also where do the autobots go when prime gets in a fight they all tuck tale and run away

I paid to see tf4 once and was completley sickened by it

Hey bay lets rip off pacific rim

I actually like mr bay but make bad boys 3 and leave transformers alone

I been a transformers fan my entire life but bay comes back i hope it flops and paramounts plans are crushed.

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