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A few weeks ago, my parents and I saw Fantastic Four, the latest Marvel series to get a reboot. I'll be doing a full video review of this movie on my YouTube channel.

I thought it wasn't bad. I really liked Dr. Doom in this one, especially when he went all super villain at the end of the film. He was a villain , with a simple task in mind, to destroy our world so his can live. I thought that world was Battleworld, but it was Zero

The story of the movie was ok, but a bit confusing. I always remembered Sue Storm traveling with Reed, Johnny and Ben and getting her powers with them in the accident. Not so here. Instead, the writers made Doom come along, setting up his villain appearence. I would've stuck with the original plot, having Sue travel.

The effects were definitely good in this, especially the effect of Doom's plan. The acting was ok too.

Overall, I give this film 2-3 stars.

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