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...rom West Hollywood to work in the valley. He often cruised Santa Monica Blvd. in a baby blue T bird looking for boys in the morning. I must have been his type because he stopped to chat whenever he saw me. I don't think he ever believed me when I told him I was on my way to work but I never got in his car for a lift over the hill because he never offered to take me past his house on Wonderland in Laurel Canyon. I was wary. He was a beautiful man, but I knew he was married. The last time he stopped I was late and he must have looked a little desperate because he opened the passenger door and leered at me. Irritated, I said to him 'Does your wife know what you do when you tell her you're going off to work? -Cue that Norman Bates laugh. I closed the car door and kept walking. That laugh probably saved my life.

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